Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I access Nitro from my laptop at home?
A: Yes. Nitro is cloud-based and you can access it from any device with Internet access.

Q: Can I have several tours open at the same time?
A: Yes. You can open different projects in the new tabs and easily switch from one project to another.

Q: The hotels are changing prices all the time. Do I have to update the prices in Nitro each time?
A: No. You can manually change the price for the particular service and tour. It will not affect your prices in
the database.

Q: I do not have a contract with the supplier, but I have got a price. Do I need to load it first?
A: No. You can manually add and modify arrangements (services).

Q: Can I have different prices for different customers in the same hotel?
A: Yes. You will just name them accordingly and use the applicable one.

Q: Can several people, also from different offices, work on the same project?
A: Yes, Nitro is about sharing.