Create That Business Winning Itinerary in Half an Hour…
NOT Half a Day

Can you match and exceed your customers’ expectations?

Can you handle more business without losing overview, working crazy hours, or hiring new staff?

We provide the software that enables you to do just that.

Let us show you how.

We are 100% incoming focused

Nitro is a tour operator system that suits incoming industry doing tailor-made group tours and FIT. It offers you a streamlined workflow making the work of the tour operator simpler, faster and more fun!

Nitro shows you only relevant options on each screen: this helps your new staff quickly become comfortable and fast at executing and experienced staff can focus more on tours and customers rather than IT. Nitro helps you to deliver a consistent high quality to your customers – every time!

Developed by tour operators

Started in a large Scandinavian Incoming Tour Operator, Nitros’ focus is getting the most out of the business. We know the incoming industry and what it takes to deliver the best experience for the customer.

We carefully listen to 20+ customers in 10 countries and their constant feedback results in an intuitive and lean workflow. We listen and constantly adapt Nitro to the smartest ways of working. We see our clients as partners and co-creators of Nitro – we’re on a constant search with you to increase the efficiency and workflow in your business.

Nitro has revolutionized our daily lives. It gives me the flexibility and overview I need to run my business and my customers get the speedy replies they need”

Smarter and faster

With an intuitive workflow your staff will be able to execute more work in less time. Nitro lets you respond to clients quickly by combining preloaded (or manual) services in outlines. You can search all your supplier contracts and make bookings based on quotations. Vouchers are created on demand and supplier replies are imported into Nitro automatically.

Workjoy and easiness

Working with ease makes you less stressed and more joyful.
The travel industry is busy, but Nitro lets you focus on your job – creating great tours for customers! Nitro also streamlines the way your staff work and let them share information across departments.

Accuracy and overview

Nitro helps you avoid expensive mistakes by giving you cancellation deadline reminders. You have a dashboard with overview of tours, prices, and bookings at any hotel, restaurant, coach etc. Accounting can verify that supplier invoices are correct and you get excellent user support.