Business organization

Separate sales and operations teams or “all‑in‑one” operators in the incoming tourism business?

There are no standard procedures for different organizational models and not even standardized job titles.

By “all-in-one”, we mean the operators who are able to carry out the entire project, from conception to completion: quotations and offers, bookings, and operations.

The organizational model is usually driven by two main factors: efficiency and customer satisfaction. National work cultures also play an important role in organizational structure. In some countries, employees are used to being tightly and vertically managed, while in others, there is more emphasis on trust and work enjoyment.

Practice shows that smaller and mid-sized companies need all-in-one operators. There are also combinations of the models. 

For larger companies, there are pros and cons to both schools.

Some pros of the separate teams:

  • Easier to scale up or down depending on the seasonality, especially in operations.
  • Division of the processes and targeted management.

Some cons of the separate teams:

  • A lot of information sharing is necessary between teams.
  • Possible delays and misunderstandings between teams.
  • A lot of team management and coordination.
  • No or very little personal development.

Some pros of the “all-in-one” approach – one person in charge of the entire project:

  • The most important one is value for the customer: a single point of contact who knows all the details of the project.
  • Speed – no need to wait for the other teams.
  • Personal responsibility – no one else to blame.
  • Flexibility: different phases of the project are completed at different times and tasks can still be reassigned to colleagues.
  • Personal development and satisfaction: gaining a deep knowledge of the product, the customers, and the processes.

Some cons of the “all-in-one” approach:

  • Finding and recruiting qualified employees is more challenging.
  • More extensive training of the new employees.

The organizational decision is definitely up to each company. 

Our software allows you to do it both ways. Nitro makes it easy to move projects from sales to operations without losing any information.